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On March 2018, Croatia officially became a member of CLARIN ERIC.

The HR-CLARIN Consortium consists of two faculties from the University of Zagreb, University of Zagreb Computing Centre, two public research institutes, the National and University Library, the Library of...


The March 2018 edition of the CLARIN Newsflash has been published. You can read it here. 


"Tour de CLARIN" is a new CLARIN ERIC initiative that aims to periodically highlight prominent User Involvement (UI) activities of a particular CLARIN national consortium. 

With a view to increase the visibility of the national consortia, reveal the richness of the CLARIN...


The February 2018 edition of the CLARIN Newsflash has been published. You can read it here. 



08/10/2018 to 10/10/2018
The CLARIN Annual Conference is the main annual event for those working on the construction and operation of CLARIN across Europe. The 2018 CLARIN Conference will take place in Pisa, Italy, 8-10 October. The call for papers for the 7th CLARIN Annual Conference is now open and you can submit your... more
Parliamentary data is a major source of socially relevant content. It is available in ever larger quantities, is multilingual, has rich metadata, and has the distinguishing characteristic that it is essentially a transcription of spoken language produced in controlled circumstances, which is now... more

Resource of the month

A rare collection of medieval texts from the 4th till the 16th century A.D. is available at the clarin:el infrastructure. Discover the whole collection by visiting the Institutional Repository of the Aegean University.

Greek Medieval Texts, is a Text Corpus of about 3.5 million words. The texts are classified into the following categories: religious (563 records), poetical-literary (79 records), political-historical (77 records), hymns (41 records) and epigrams (164 records).

The full metadata description ...


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