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CLARIN ERIC and the European Language Resource Association (ELRA) have recently entered a Collaboration Agreement.

CLARIN and ELRA share areas of interest and have been developing similar activities related to the promotion and dissemination of Language Resources (LR)...

CLARIN mobility grants help researchers and developers to fund short visits (typical duration: one week) between representatives of CLARIN sites to collaborate on building and using the CLARIN infrastructure.   The mobility grants are designed to promote: sharing of expertise between... more

The September 2018 edition of the CLARIN Newsflash has been published. You can read it here. 


Vassiliki Georgiadou is Associate Professor of Political Science at the Department of Political Science and History of Panteion University and member of the Steering Committee of the Centre for Political Research.

With her research interests focusing on political behaviour, far...



21/08/2019 to 24/08/2019
Developments in historical corpus linguistics have taken a similar route as in corpus-based research on present-day languages: from the creation of small reference corpora to increasingly larger databases and from text-only to richly annotated resources. However, historical data have always posed... more
14/08/2019 to 16/08/2019
Digital resources and technology are used more and more within the humanities and the social sciences. Researchers in digital humanities gather, administer and share rapidly accumulating digital resources. They also need various research methods and tools in working with these resources. The... more

Resource of the month

A rare collection of medieval texts from the 4th till the 16th century A.D. is available at the clarin:el infrastructure. Discover the whole collection by visiting the Institutional Repository of the Aegean University.

Greek Medieval Texts, is a Text Corpus of about 3.5 million words. The texts are classified into the following categories: religious (563 records), poetical-literary (79 records), political-historical (77 records), hymns (41 records) and epigrams (164 records).

The full metadata description ...


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