CLARIN:EL network

The CLARIN:EL network is the network of Greek Organisations participating and cooperating for the construction, operation and maintenance of the CLARIN:EL Research Infrastructure.

In this section, you can find more information about the organisational structure, the members and the Governance of the CLARIN:EL network.

The General Assembly (GA) comprises of the representatives of

  • the Organisations with Institutional Repository,
  • the CLARIN:EL Central Aggregator,
  • the Hosted Resources Repository, and
  • the Organisations which are Computational Support Providers.

Organisation Representative is the Scientific Responsible of the Institutional Repository of the Organisation. Representatives of the Central Aggregator, of the Hosted Resources Repository and of the Organisations-Computational Support Providers are the respective Scientific Responsibles.

Organisations without Institutional Repositories and Collaborating Providers (individuals) can attend the GA meetings as observers.

The Network Director is the representative of the Co-ordinating Organisation. The Director represents the network to all national and European funding authorities, communication with third parties and collaboration with related networks and infrastructures at national, European and international level.

The Executive Committee (EC) consists of

  • the Network Director, representative of the Co-ordinating Organisation,
  • the coordinator of the Technical Committee and,
  • three representatives of all the rest members of the GA.

The Technical Committee (TC) consists of

  • the Technical Responsible of the Central Aggregator,
  • the Technical Responsible of the Institutional Repositories,
  • the Technical Responsible of the Hosted Resources Repository, and
  • the Technical Responsible of the computational Support Providers of the Infrastructure.

The Advisory Scientific Committee (ASC) consists of internationally acclaimed scientists. Representatives of Organisations-members of the CLARIN:EL network, members of the EC or the TC cannot participate in the ASC.
The role of the ASC is to advise the EC as regards scientific and strategical issues. It also proposes activities and initiatives for the promotion of the field of Language Resources and Technologies.