CLARIN:EL Resource Sharing Service allows users to upload, store and share language resources, tools and language processing web services in the CLARIN:EL Infrastructure, in accordance with the licensing terms and conditions of use imposed by the LR providers. Storage and contribution rights have all the Member Organisations of the CLARIN:EL network as well as individuals-registered users.

CLARIN:EL Infrastructure stores and offers access to digital resources, i.e. digital language data and language processing tools and/or services mainly (but not exclusively) for the Greek language.  

The resources may be written, spoken or multimodal. They can be texts, dictionaries, glossaries, language models or automatic processing tools for Greek or other languages. CLARIN:EL language resources may concern the modern Greek language or earlier forms of Greek. The resources may also be stored in image format, but in order to be processable by the tools and services of the Infrastructure, all resources must be in a plain text format.

All CLARIN:EL registered users can share their own data through the Infrastructure by using the the CLARIN:EL metadata editor. 

Find more information here on how to prepare your data before uploading them to the CLARIN:EL Infrastructure.

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For more information and guidance on the file formats which are recommended for depositing in CLARIN:EL to ensure long-term accessibility and interoperability, please also consult the following document:

Language resources and language processing tools and/or services sharing through CLARIN:EL is stipulated by the Policy Framework of the CLARIN:EL Research Infrastructure.

These data collection and preservation policies are designed to help all stakeholders (resource owners, providers/distributors and end-users) work in a safe, friendly and transparent environment:


You can find more information and detailed instructions on data preparation and sharing in the CLARIN:EL User Manual here.