The CLARIN:EL Research Infrastructure offers access to:

  • digital language data of various language modalities (written, spoken, multimodal, sign, lexical/conceptual, etc.) and in various media (text, audio, video, etc.)
  • language processing tools and web services (such as tokenizers, part of speech taggers, dependency parsers, terminology extractors, information extractors, etc.)
  • the metadata of all resources made available through the Infrastructure. 

The exploitation of resources and tools leads to new research methods that allow greater accuracy and efficiency in actions that can only be made possible by the availability of large-scale data. 

Access to the CLARIN:EL Infrastructure is open to the entire academic and research community, industry, but also to the public, in accordance with Open Data Principles and FAIR Data Principles

CLARIN:EL ensures the digital preservation of the Greek language, supporting the creation, curation, sharing and reuse of Greek language resources, tools and services, but also multilingual resources and services containing Greek.

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