The European Lexicographic Infrastructure ELEXIS is organizing a webinar on "AI-powered Tools for Lexicographers in the 21st Century". The Webinar will take place online via Zoom platform, on May 25th 2022, 16:00-17:30 (CEST). The panel will introduce 3 new tools developed by the ELEXIS project to help lexicographers develop dictionaries using state-of-the-art artificial-intelligence-powered tools:

  • Lexonomy: a dictionary-editing interface connecting to corpora tools powered by Sketch Engine,
  • NAISC: a tool for linking and integrating dictionaries to enable reusing existing data,
  • EDiE: a tool for measuring key quality indicators of dictionaries and for enabling the discovery of dictionary data on the ELEXIS portal.

If you wish to join the ELEXIS Webinar, please register for free using this link in order to receive the meeting room details.

More information about the ELEXIS Webinar can be found here.