27 Jun 2018
ILSP/"Athena" RC
Amaroussion, Greece

On Wednesday, 27 June 2018, the Greek Infrastructure for language resources, technologies and services CLARIN:EL organized at the Institute for Language and Speech Processing (ILSP/"Athena" R.C.) an event on Language Data and Technologies in Social and Political Sciences.

In the framework of the expansion of the CLARIN:EL network with new institutional repositories, the Greek Infrastructure -as the main promoter of the sharing of language resources and services as well as of the dissemination of language technology applications in the Humanities and Social Sciences- met with prominent Social and Political Scientists from the National Center for Social Research (EKKE) and the Panteion University.

With a focus on the mutual acquaintance of the two scientific areas (Social and Political Sciences and Language Technology), the researchers of EKKE and Panteion University were given the opportunity to present their research questions, the way they work and the current methodologies they follow, expressing their own needs and/or requirements as users of the CLARIN:EL Research Infrastructure.

Subsequently, ILSP/"Athena" R.C. presented specific language technology applications that have been developed in the context of multidisciplinary research projects in collaboration with other institutions, which were used for the automation of the research processes in the field of Social and Political Sciences. This presentation reinforced the interconnection between the two scientific areas, highlighting the key role of Language Technology in conducting similar research projects.

The event offered an introduction to the CLARIN:EL Infrastructure, while a hands-on session was organized, where the researchers were  able to familiarize themselves with the CLARIN:EL inventory and the use of its resources and tools.

The event was organized in the context of "Apollonis: National Infrastructure for Digital Humanities and Arts and Language Research and Innovation " (MIS 5002738).