10 Sep 2020

In the context of the Greek Infrastructure for Digital Arts, Humanities and Language Technology and Innovation, APOLLONIS, DCU/IMSI/ATHENA R.C in collaboration with Europeana Research organize an online discussion on the particularities and challenges of digital archives and collections holding resources on the turbulent 1940s, on Thursday 10 September 2020 (15.00-17.00).

Using the decade of 1940s as a use case, a turbulent period in Greek history due to its significant events (WWII, Occupation, Opposition, Liberation, Civil War), the Task Force of APOLLONIS Infrastructure assembled digitized historical archives, coming from different providers and shedding light on different historical aspects of these events.

When this work is finalized, the users of APOLLONIS Infrastructure will be able to explore this content in new and innovative ways, with access to different and disparate archives as well as to curated and enriched resources. 

The Discussion will be held virtually and in order to participate, you need to register here.

More information can be found here.