University of Patras joins CLARIN:EL Research Infrastructure, the open network of repositories, members of which are actively involved in Language Resources and Technologies.

Digital language resources, and more specifically multimodal corpora of casual speech such as sound files of casual speech (narratives), casual conversations, as well as formal speech (i.e. readings of Aesop's tales), as well as oral and written data that have been collected in research projects by the members of the Linguistic Division of Patras' University, in research projects of the Laboratory of Modern Greek Dialects, or in undergraduate and Postgraduate courses, as part of cource assignments and dissertations will soon be integrated in the Institutional Repository of the University of Patras, thus contributing to the enrichment of the CLARIN:EL Infrastructure. Procedures for the creation of the Institutional Repository of University of Patras are completed. Dimitris Papazachariou, Professor at the Department of Philology of the University of Patras and Director of the Laboratory of Modern Greek Dialects (LMGD)  has been appointed as the Scientific Responsible of the Institutional Repository.

So far, CLARIN:EL network counts 14 members including Universities and Research Centers. The Greek infrastructure for the collection, documentation and distribution of high quality language resources for the Greek language aims at expanding its reach, through the cooperation with other members at national level and the interconnection with the CLARIN ERIC European network.