In September 2022, CLARIN:EL National Infrastructure for Language Resources & Technologies in Greece, has been successfully assessed and certified as a CLARIN B-centre of the CLARIN ERIC European Infrastructure and as a Trustworthy Data Repository by the CoreTrustSeal Standards and Certification Board.


CLARIN ERIC’s pan-European network is made up of several types of centres, including Service Providing Centres or CLARIN B-centres, for short, which constitute the backbone of the European Infrastructure, offering the scientific community access to resources, services and knowledge on a sustainable basis. There are strict criteria in order for a university or an academic institute to become a CLARIN B-centre: it should be based on a stable technical and institutional foundation, following specific requirements, set by an Assessment Committee. Currently there are 24 certified CLARIN B-Centres.

CoreTrustSeal Certified Repositories

In addition, CoreTrustSeal is an international, non-governmental, and non-profit organization offering to any interested data repository a core level certification based on the Core Trustworthy Data Repositories Requirements. This universal catalogue of requirements reflects the core characteristics of trustworthy data repositories increasingly required and mandated by the funding authorities to ensure open data and data management policies that call for the long-term storage and accessibility of data. So far, there are 132 CTS Certified Repositories

With more than 1.350 registered users, the CLARIN:EL Infrastructure hosts a total of 762 resources in a distributed network of repositories, which consists of 14 members including Universities and Research Centers  from all over Greece.

CLARIN:EL Infrastructure congratulates and thanks all persons involved, including as well all the members of the network for their important work and valuable cooperation and contribution!