Athens, Greece

The International Network for Terminology - TermNet in collaboration with the Hellenic Society for Terminology (ELETO) and the Panhellenic Association for Translators (PEM) are organizing the TSS2022 International Terminology Summer School, which will take place in Athens, Greece on 1-4 July 2022.

The Summer School is addressed to translators, translation editors and proofreaders, subtitlers, interpreters, terminologists, lexicographers, linguists, academics, trainers, trainee translators/interpreters and students of translation and interpretation, and focuses on the use of terminology management methodology in the context of language professions, especially translation.

The aim of the TSS2022 Summer School is to present the relationship between terminology management and translation, the various methods, practices and tools of terminology management and their practical application in the context of professional translation.

The Summer School will be held in a hybrid format, so it will be possible to participate either online or in person. The language of the event will be English.

More information about the topics, the programme and the registration to the TSS2022 Summer School can be found here.

IMPORTANT! You can fill in the preregistation form of the Panhellenic Association for Translators (PEM) found here in order to receive a special discount code, which you can use when registering for the Terminology Summer School TSS2022 at