CLARIN ERIC European Infrastructure - or Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure - was established in 2012 taking up the mission to create and maintain an infrastructure to support the sharing, use and sustainability of language data and tools for research in the Humanities and Social Sciences, and beyond. CLARIN brings together resources from a network of participating centres in more than 20 countries from across Europe and further afield. Access to CLARIN datasets and tools is open to the entire academic and research community, industry, but also to the public, in accordance with Open Data Principles and FAIR Data Principles

CLARIN created a new video which gives the opportunity to anyone interested to get to know the Infrastructure in just a few minutes and learn about the functionalities and capabilities it offers through two use-case scenarios.

Watch the CLARIN ERIC video with greek subtitles shared on CLARIN:EL YouTube Channel and discover the European Infrastructure for Language Resources and Texhnology: