Nexus Linguarum Linguistic Linked (Open) Data Survey has been developed within Nexus Linguarum project, a COST Action supporting the study of linguistic data science in the most efficient and productive way and the construction of a mature holistic ecosystem of multilingual and semantically interoperable linguistic data.

This survey intends to collect information on users’ experience in using, developing and publishing Linguistic Linked (Open) Data resources. The general goal is to contribute to the creation and evolution of Linguistic Linked (Open) Data resources in a distributed and collaborative setting, which allows parties to easily extend existing resources and publish their own extensions as linked data.

Your answers will provide valuable insights into the Linguistic Linked (Open) Data resources availability, accessibility, usability, as well as solutions for their improvement.

Collected responses are anonymous and the survey takes less than 10 minutes.

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More information about the Nexus Linguarum project can be found here.