What you should know

In this section you can find information on how an Academic or/and a Research Organisation can join CLARIN:EL Research Infrastructure and participate in the Greek network for Language Resources and Technologies.

Academic and/or Research Organisations wishing to join the CLARIN:EL network and contribute language resources, tools and language processing web services to the Infrastructure, need to apply to become members (Application for expression of interest in Greek).

After the examination and approval of the Membership Applications by the CLARIN:EL General Assembly (GA), CLARIN:EL Research Infrastructure contacts the Organisation for further information on the completion of the membership procedure and the creation of an Institutional Repostitory for the new Member Organisation in the CLARIN:EL Infrastructure.

So far, CLARIN:EL network counts 14 members including Universities and Research Centers  from all over Greece. More information on the CLARIN:EL network can be found here.

Member Organisations of the CLARIN:EL network may decide to create their own Institutional Repository in the CLARIN:EL Infrastructure, where all registered users who are affiliated to the Organisation will be able to store, document, manage and curate their own language resources, tools and web services.

If a Member Organisation is not willing to create its own Institutional Repository in the CLARIN:EL Infrastructure, its resources are shared through the Hosted Resources Repository (HRR). In this case, it is necessary to fill in and submit the CLARIN:EL Depositor's Agreement, which accompanies each new resource creation and publication in the HRR of the CLARIN:EL Infrastructure.

Find out more on the Membership procedure for Organisations tab and read how to manage resources in your Institutional Repository in the CLARIN:EL User Manual.