Documenting LR's

In order for a resource to be shared in the CLARIN:EL Research Infrastructure, it has to be described first with the appropriate metadata, a set of data that describes and gives basic information about the resource that the provider intends to share such as the title of the resource, a description of the resource, technical information about the resource, information about the availability and licencing of the resource etc. For this purpose, CLARIN:EL comes with a metadata editor which guides the provider through the process of LRs' description. Once described, resources can be uploaded to the CLARIN:EL Infrastructure.

CLARIN:EL Resource Documentation Service aims at improving the accessibility of resources while complying with common standards and specifications concerning the metadata encoding:

  • Documentation of language resources, tools and web services with the endorsed metadata model , i.e. the META-SHARE model (currently v.3.0.2)
  • Assignment of persistent identifiers (PIDs) to language resources, tools and web services contributed to CLARIN:EL


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META-SHARE metadata model

Meta-share version 3.0.2
CLARIN:EL Research Infrastructure uses the META-SHARE metadata model for the description and documentation of Language Resources. The central entity of the META-SHARE ontology is the Language Resource per se. However, in the ontology, LRs are linked to other satellite entities such as reference…

CLARIN:EL metadata editor

Using the CLARIN:EL metadata editor to document LRs
The metadata records that describe LRs shared through CLARIN:EL must be included in the Infrastructure, a process supported by the CLARIN:EL metadata editor. In order to access the editor, you must have a user account with editor credentials - more information on the process to follow when…

CLARIN:EL sample metadata records

Sample metadata records of LRs in the CLARIN Infrastructure
To help users through the documentation process, we have prepared for the most common resource types a set of sample XML metadata records, which are compatible with the minimal META-SHARE schema. Users can upload these in the CLARIN:EL editor as seed records, and change and enrich them with the…