CLARIN:EL Research Infrastructure implements, provides, supports and maintains language processing tools and web services. Through the CLARIN:EL Central Inventory users can have access and use all the available language processing web services such as word analysis tools, word recognition tools, sentence splitting tools and part of speech tagging tools, morphological and syntactic analysis tools, named entity recognition tools, term extraction tools, sentiment analysis tools etc.

Access to the metadata descriptions of all the available language processing web services and tools is open to all (i.e. registered and unregistered users) through the CLARIN:EL Central Inventory. In addition, CLARIN:EL registered users have further access to make use of the language processing web services, always in accordance to the relevant licensing terms.



Recommended CLARIN:EL tools & web services

ILSP Dependency Parser is a syntactic analysis tool for the Greek language. The ILSP Dependency Parser automatically represents the syntactic structure of sentences in Greek, creating tree representations for each input sentence, where each word depends on a head word and is assigned a label depicting its relation to the head word. ILSP Dependency Parser is traned on the Greek Dependency Treebank, a resource developed by the ILSP/"ATHENA" RC, whichcomprises data annotated at several linguistic levels. Training data at the level of syntax consisted of ~175K words annotated using a dependency-based syntactic scheme that includes 25 main relations.

GrNE-Tagger is a rule-based engine designed for the automatic recognition and classification of Named Entities of the following five types: Person, Location, Organization, Facility, GPE (Geo-political Entity). GrNE-Tagger was developed and is maintained by the Institute for Language and Speech Processing (ILSP)/"Athena" Research Center.